To Each Their Own

eating-habitsPeople have different eating habits. We each prefer some foods over others and design our eating regime around those foods. Personally, I eat to protect my health. There are any number of things I would gobble up in a New York minute if my body would only let me.

For example, I am gluten free. Not because it’s a trend, but because modern gluten creates side effects that keep me from doing things I want to do – like thinking clearly. As much as I would enjoy sitting down and eating a stuffed crust pizza, I’d rather be able to lift myself out of bed without having to hire a local crane company to help me the next day.

I’m not one for shouting from the rooftops about being gluten free, I’m fairly private about this preference. However, a couple of months ago I met a woman and we were enjoying a casual exchange when she started complaining about having memory problems.

Four Bizarre Gastronomical Adventures

Something For Everyone

Tiet CanhFor a meat eater what’s more inviting than a juicy steak or a plate of barbecue? For a vegetarian, drooling begins with one whiff of a pan of sauteed broccoli, mushrooms and onions. And Vegans eat anything that doesn’t have a face, and contend their overall spirtual, mental and physical health is worth the omissions. Whatever your dietary preference, there’s a way to make a delicious meal that satisfies even the choosiest palettes.

If you’d like to go off on a particular and peculiar tangent that is not necessarily diet driven, then let’s take a limo ride down culinary row. Here are four of the most bizarre gastronomical adventures you can take that ain’t chicken: 

Eccentric Sea Food

GoeduckThe oceans are a rich and bountiful source of food. Scrumptious seafood that most of us are familiar with fills the dinner bowls of people of every culture. Even in the most remote regions like the frozen Chukchi Peninsula of northeastern Siberia an Eskimo dinner could consist of whale, seals or other sea mammals.

The earth supplies, and we gratefully partake. Other ocean bearing delicacies that are usually not common fare, but not unheard of are the topic of this article today. Some are reportedly delicious, while others are an acquired taste. From moving Kitchener to around the world, I was privy to experiencing the preferred ocean cuisine of many different countries.

Monkey Brains – Seriously?

BrainsThey say you eat with your eyes first. So if you’re a bit squeamish then keep your eyes closed as you read this.

Traveling solo opens up various invitations that otherwise might not be extended. Before leaving the States for a trip to Cairo, I was given the name a local family in the town of Dahshur. Dahshur is only a few kilometers outside of Cairo, and other than the pyramids, is not a hub of activity. The homes are modest, but some don’t even have indoor plumbing services installed.

One of the most memorable events that took place on my trip was meeting the Nahas family of Dahshur. We had been introduced through a mutual friend who they had met the year before my arrival. Our mutual friend, Paul is a medical doctor and had helped their youngest child, Dendera, overcome a chronic cough that had plagued her for several months. The Nahas welcomed me into their home with lavish appreciation for my visit out of respect of our mutual friend. I stayed with them for three days, and was overwhelmed by their generous hospitality.