It would take you weeks of research to find all the culinary delights that come from cultures familiar and obscure. That’s exactly what I do at Ain’t Chicken. Travel with me around the culinary world. Through my articles, I offer the inquisitive foodie an opportunity to discover and play with the diverse taste of our fascinating planet.

Have you ever eaten ants on a log? No, I don’t mean the peanut butter and raisins sitting in the groove of a celery stalk, ants on a log, I literally mean ants on a log. They are a protein staple with some of the indigenous people of the Amazon and parts of Africa. I can tell you it ain’t chicken. Have you had the pleasure of eating Teposcuinclee also know as Paca ,a rather large rodent found in Yucatan, baked in a covered pit? While it’s not what you might choose for dinner tonight, it’s actually quite delicious, and I can tell you, it ain’t chicken.

It Ain’t Chicken is about having fun with the vast enormity of food selections that people eat from the restaurants in Philadelphia to the jungles of the Philippines. You’ll read the history of how some of our everyday foods originally were the fare exclusively favored by the royals, and how others were born from the necessity of peasants. You’ll read about duff and donuts, kiwi and kombu. I’ll give you the flavor of snake meat compared to alligator tail tenderloins, and I can assure you . . . they ain’t chicken.

So thank you for joining me at it Ain’t Chicken. I look forward to your participation with comments left on the site. I’ve heard it said and it’s worth repeating – stay hungry.